Office of State Attorney General

Funded by State of Florida-Minority Community Prevention Program


This program provides Crime Prevention services to minority and at risk youth between the ages of 16-21 to ensure that the youth will remain in school and crime free.


The direct services provided to the youth are the following:


  • Assessment, Employability Skills Training, Case Management,and Outreach.

  • Paid work experience, Direct Placement into a part time or full time position in the private industry (Where Applicable)

Ages 16-21

Employability Skills Training

Direct Placement

Fall Program 2016

These students participate in the Attorney General Crime Prevention Program.  They recieve 12 hours of employability skills training.  They are also completing 40 hours of paid work experience training to develop their job skills.  

Gus Ortega, one of our case managers, providing employability skills to students in North Miami Senior High School.